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    Young Adults

    Are you struggling in College? Feeling stressed out or overwhelmed?

    For 10 years I counseled students at Pennsylvania State University Brandywine campus. I understand the college experience. Not to mention I was in college at one time also. I’ve also seen a lot of college students in my private practice.

    Maybe you are a first generation college student? Or the pressures of family to get a degree in something that doesn’t match your inner world is getting to you? Maybe you are trying to balance the social and academic pressures?

    Whatever the source of your anxiety, I have probably heard about it from others and helped them through it.

    Don’t struggle through it! The struggle is real and counseling can be so beneficial to helping you get through school without all of the symptoms you are experiencing.

    Young Adults come to counseling for

    • Healthy Relationships
    • Transitions- College, Adulthood, defining self
    • Stress Management
    • ADD/ADHD
    • Mindfulness Meditation techniques for concentration, life balance, and reduction of anxiety