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    Counseling for Families and Children

    Are you looking for a more peaceful family life?

    Many families are struggling. Especially when the children are acting out and parents are at a loss for how to assist them. I have 20 years of experience successfully helping parents, families and individual children.

    Kids acting out at home but not at school?

    Bring kids in for counseling before the problem gets bigger. Counseling with Stacey starts at age 3 and above. Children’s acting out behaviors often means there is something bothering them on a deep level. Through Play Therapy I can access their subconscious mind and give you information about what is happening for them. Children communicate through play and heal themselves. Often children tell me they feel so relaxed after playing in the sand tray. See Play Therapy page.

    Not always proud at how you are reacting? Want strategies to help?

    Stacey has helped many families come to a more peaceful place. Learn new parenting techniques which have proven to help families run smoother. I always work with parents in a collaborative manner. You are with your children more than me so I can’t help them without your insight and help!

    Does your child have a phobia or experienced a traumatic event?

    Sometimes children experience traumatic events and symptoms do not come until three months afterwards. They may have extreme anxiety and not sleeping well. Energy Psychology techniques are powerful tools to help with this. Give your child and your family the gift of counseling. Your children will have the coping skills to manage their life more effectively throughout their lifespan.

    Children and Families come to counseling for:

    • Learning Differences/Disabilities
    • Anxiety  See Anxiety Page.
    • Behavioral Issues
    • Social and School Anxiety
    • Trauma
    • Highly Sensitive Children
    • Parenting Skills
    • Family Dynamics
    • Parent/Child Relationshps
    • Acting out Behaviors
    • Family Therapy
    • Grief
    • Adoption