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Your life is feeling hectic. Overwhelmed by the yelling. You've tried to bring peace to your family.Your children aren't listening. You feel disrespected. Angry, stressed and anxious? I know because when parents come to counseling it is usually their last ditch effort!

My passion is to help children ages 3 and above and their families find more peace. So often in working with families, we find outside influences are affecting them without the family members realizing it. It isn't your fault. That's why Counseling is available. We can't see everything that is affecting us.

Are you or your children struggling during covid-19?

Many parents and children are struggling during covid -19 quarantine. You are not alone. I'm hearing from other patients they are experiencing increased alcohol use, increase in anxiety, insomnia, increased depression, hypervigilance, and anger. These symptoms could all be from a trauma response. Trauma responses can happen from everyday events like loosing a loved one, a fender bender, a chronic illness or sudden lose of job. I'm also hearing about grief and loss, and major life changes. There is an increase in child abuse due to parental stress. Even before covid-19, I specialized in anxiety and trauma.

You don't need to struggle alone!

My passion is to help families and individuals find more peace.  This can be done through individual adult counseling, couples counseling, parent sessions, family sessions, sibling sessions, or child sessions.  Which path we take is unique to your situation.  We collaborate together to decide.

There are specific things we can do to help manage and treat current symptoms. You and your children do not have to do this alone. Getting support and learning new skills are amazing ways to build resiliency. Check out this blog on resiliency. For children we can even teach them these new skills online just as well as in person! I was surprised to find the children are adapting to the online services during this time also. Check this blog on children and online counseling for more information.

If your reasons for seeking counseling has nothing to do with covid-19, I can help with those also.  By creating a safe space for families I have seen many families change the dynamics.  I know change is hard and no one really wants to make changes but in reality it is necessary.  Contact me if you are ready to do the work that is required for you or your family life to be more peaceful. Often in working with children and families there are outside factors affecting the family dynamic.  It isn't alway your fault.

Outside Influences Affecting Your Family?

  • Learning Issues
  • Bullying
  • Pandemic
  • Genetics
  • Adoption
  • Too much electronics
  • Moving
  • Secrets or addictions
  • Intergenerational traumas
  • Parenting or Relationship issues
  • Death or loss of a loved one or pet
  • Hearing or experiencing tragic news
  • Family Illness
  • Special needs
  • Highly sensitive person
  • Sensory integration
  • Parent Stress
  • Looking to help yourself or your child gain coping skills?

Children get stressed also. Sometimes they listen to an outsider, like a therapist. I might say the same thing as you at times and the children listen. Because I'm an expert in children and families including a speciality with anxiety and trauma, I'm educating my clients about things they may not know about.  This combination creates a space for success.

Most likely you won't regret getting through the anxiety of making the phone call to start counseling. These changes in yourself and your family will last a life time. Through a safe, collaborative counseling environment we can find out what might be affecting you, your child or family. My job is to look for patterns, offer you strategies and help you put a plan together to get your family into a peaceful place. I also teach your children coping skills for a lifetime.  They will use these new skills to cope with life's ups and downs as they grow up.

Explore the website you will find a wealth of information. I'm ready when you are. Your success is my success!

Give yourself and you family the gift of professional help. I'd love to work with you every step of the way. After 20 years of experience counseling children and adults, I’m confident that no problem is too great to overcome. Through therapy, there is usually a way to address the issues you face and learn coping strategies to help you both right now and in the future.

If you’re interested in becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled you, I’d love to work with you every step of the way.
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When your ready to change your family dynamics I'm here. If you'd like to see if we are a good fit contact me for a 15 min free phone consultation.

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“As a colleague of Stacey Shapiro, I highly recommend her to any individual, couple or family seeking therapy. Stacey is not only highly knowledgeable in her field, but she is extremely compassionate, kind, caring and approachable. She always goes the 'extra mile' for all of her patients and colleagues. She is always determined to help her patients succeed in therapy, and wants what is best for her patients at all times. Stacey frequently attends continuing education courses in her field so that she can be up to date on the latest treatments and treatment modalities. Stacey is a team player, and I enjoy working with her and sharing mutual patients.”
Lisa Berkowitz M.S.N., C.R.N.P.
Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
"I have found Stacey will go the extra mile for her clients to ensure all avenues are covered for them. I experience Stacey as being extremely conscientious and professional in her work."
Tonia Betancourt LCSW
Registered Play Therapist
"I have found Stacey to be commited and dedicated to providing families with excellent support and guidance. She drew upon her years of experience in working with and serving children and families, as she helped some of the most vulnerable families. She worked through crisis and developed service plans that enabled those families to remain intact and on a path to healing. Stacey is highly committed to the Social Work profession and helping individuals achieve their greatest potential."
Teri Mandic
VP of Programs at PSBI, Inc.
"I've taught with Stacey Shapiro. She is a caring, knowledgeable teacher who puts her students needs first. She uses examples from real life for greater understanding. She is a very skilled clinician as well as teacher."
Janet Oesterling, MA
“It was wonderful to practice breathing techniques and grounding. I felt much more relaxed during the session. I will use these techniques immediately in our home life. "
Adam B.
Computer Specialist
"I attended Stacey's Mindfulness for Caregivers Program on a morning I was anything but mindful of my own feelings. Stacey's program provided me with immediate tools that I use to recognize my own feelings before attempting to 'fix' others who I care for. I highly recommend Stacey's Mindfulness program."
Lindsay M.
Special Education
"I enjoyed the workshop. The tips were very helpful and I enjoyed the meditation part."
Sara S.
Parenting and Resilience during a Pandemic Workshop
"Parenting and Resilience during a Pandemic Workshop: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with our group today. I think the tools you've both shared will be very helpful for all of our employees, especially the parents. I know I will certainly remind myself to take more time for self-care and mindfulness."
Jessica D.
Parenting and Resilience during a Pandemic Workshop
I recently had the pleasure of taking a SoulCollage (R) workshop with Stacey. It was a powerful way to gain insight into some things I've been thinking about and to share my journey of growth with others. Thank you Stacey!
Heidi D J.
Stacey's intro to SoulCollage was a perfect flow of connecting to my intuitive self and witnessing the creative parts in others. I felt rejuvenated and inspired by attending the group.
Celeste L.
Soul Collage experience was a welcome break in my life. I enjoyed getting back in touch with the simple art of collaging. I welcomed the prompts to guide me to see myself at a deeper level and enjoyed the sharing aspect quite a bit. During this pandemic, we can all get a little isolated. Nice to connect with like-minded, kind souls!
Michele H.
"Stacey is an awesome licensed play therapist clinician! Stacey's techniques and methods allow clients to fully process their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in ways that have long-lasting positive effects."
Earnest Wyatt
Holy Family University, Psy.D. Student
"I really enjoyed the resources and ideas Stacey presented, in fact, I have used a few with my clients and the therapeutic alliance has become stronger."
Anthony Louis
Holy Family University, Psy.D. Student

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