Offering teens, young adults and adults counseling in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Request an appointment now!

Offering teens, young adults and adults counseling in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Request an appointment now!

  • Trauma-Trained Counseling for Anxiety in Doylestown, PA

    Integrative, trauma-trained anxiety therapy for individuals and families.   

    Online help and counseling in Doylestown, Bucks County, PA. Serving children, teens, young adults, and adults in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida online.

    You’re on an emotional roller coaster ride and want to get off sometimes. You just want some peace in your life. You crave one day when the anxiety doesn’t take over. Tired of talk therapy? Integrative counseling for anxiety can help.

    No matter how hard you try, you’re stuck in the anxiety rut. Some of your symptoms may include:

    • Racing thoughts that are stuck in your head.
    • Internal sensations are causing you to freeze.
    • Avoiding situations so you don’t have to deal with it.
    • Sleepless nights and panic right before important events.
    • Feeling irritated with the people you’re close with.
    • Constant comments about being “too sensitive.”

    You’ve tried strategies that don’t work:

    By the time I meet my clients, they have tried at least one strategy to calm stress and anxiety. They are frustrated and scared because nothing is helping. Have you tried any of these but haven’t gotten the relief you want?

    • Talking to family and friends.
    • Deep Breathing.
    • Thinking positive.
    • You have every self-help app out there.
    • You think something is wrong with you.
    • You fake it, put your smile on but you don’t feel right inside
    • You’ve tried different talk therapists, self-help books.

    You’re here because you need something different. You’re exactly who I help.

    Sometimes you just want to hide, curl up in a corner and never leave your house. You are perfect for this practice if you are open to moving forward with whatever you want to work on.

    If you are interested in some of my past success stories see the anxiety success stories page by clicking the button below.

    Hi, I’m Stacey Shapiro, LCSW

    I believe you can change with the knowledge and tools therapy can provide for you.  Healing is a journey.  We all have many layers of experiences to unravel and come to the other side with more peace.

    What you can expect from me:

    • • Personalized down to earth approach
    • • Intuitive answers
    • • Caring nature
    • • 25 years of experience and knowledge
    • • An attitude of going above and beyond for you
    • • Excitement to see you transform your life, living the life you were meant to live.
    • • Education on what may be the reason you are feeling the way you do and tools to help

    We can’t change our past, but we can change how our brains process it.

    I specialize in helping highly sensitive and empaths(specific group) achieve/overcome their anxiety, overwhelm and disconnection from others by using mindfulness, cognitive behavioral techniques, hypnosis, brainspotting and other techniques.

    Together, we can work on your internal experiences for personal growth to achieve a more peaceful life.

    My main counseling for anxiety and trauma services include:


    As a colleague of Stacey Shapiro, I highly recommend her to any individual, couple or family seeking therapy. Stacey is not only highly knowledgeable in her field, but she is extremely compassionate, kind, caring and approachable. She always goes the ‘extra mile’ for all of her patients and colleagues. She is always determined to help her patients succeed in therapy, and wants what is best for her patients at all times. Stacey frequently attends continuing education courses in her field so that she can be up to date on the latest treatments and treatment modalities. Stacey is a team player, and I enjoy working with her and sharing mutual patients.

    Lisa Berkowitz M.S.N., C.R.N.P., Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

    Stacey is an awesome licensed play therapist clinician! Stacey’s techniques and methods allow clients to fully process their thoughts, feelings, and emotions in ways that have long-lasting positive effects.

    Earnest Wyatt, Holy Family University, Psy.D. Student

    I have found Stacey will go the extra mile for her clients to ensure all avenues are covered for them. I experience Stacey as being extremely conscientious and professional in her work.

    Tonia Betancourt LCSW, Registered Play Therapist

    Stacey’s intro to SoulCollage was a perfect flow of connecting to my intuitive self and witnessing the creative parts in others. I felt rejuvenated and inspired by attending the group.

    Celeste L., LMFT

    Soul Collage experience was a welcome break in my life. I enjoyed getting back in touch with the simple art of collaging. I welcomed the prompts to guide me to see myself at a deeper level and enjoyed the sharing aspect quite a bit. During this pandemic, we can all get a little isolated. Nice to connect with like-minded, kind souls!

    Michele H., Psychotherapist

    Parenting and Resilience during a Pandemic Workshop: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with our group today. I think the tools you’ve both shared will be very helpful for all of our employees, especially the parents. I know I will certainly remind myself to take more time for self-care and mindfulness.

    Jessica D., Parenting and Resilience during a Pandemic Workshop

    I’ve taught with Stacey Shapiro. She is a caring, knowledgeable teacher who puts her students needs first. She uses examples from real life for greater understanding. She is a very skilled clinician as well as teacher.

    Janet Oesterling, MA, Teacher

    I enjoyed the workshop. The tips were very helpful and I enjoyed the meditation part.

    Sara S., Parenting and Resilience during a Pandemic Workshop

    I attended Stacey’s Mindfulness for Caregivers Program on a morning I was anything but mindful of my own feelings. Stacey’s program provided me with immediate tools that I use to recognize my own feelings before attempting to ‘fix’ others who I care for. I highly recommend Stacey’s Mindfulness program.

    Lindsay M., Special Education

    It was wonderful to practice breathing techniques and grounding. I felt much more relaxed during the session. I will use these techniques immediately in our home life.

    Adam B., Computer Specialist

    I have found Stacey to be commited and dedicated to providing families with excellent support and guidance. She drew upon her years of experience in working with and serving children and families, as she helped some of the most vulnerable families. She worked through crisis and developed service plans that enabled those families to remain intact and on a path to healing. Stacey is highly committed to the Social Work profession and helping individuals achieve their greatest potential.

    Teri Mandic, VP of Programs at PSBI, Inc.

    I really enjoyed the resources and ideas Stacey presented, in fact, I have used a few with my clients and the therapeutic alliance has become stronger.

    Anthony Louis, Holy Family University, Psy.D. Student

    I was fortunate enough to have had Stacey as an instructor for 3 semesters in grad school within my play therapy certificate program. I learned more about child development, trauma, and mindfulness from her than in any psych of social work course. I use what she’s taught me in my clinical work and personal life; I especially love to integrate mindfulness-based techniques to those I supervise. She taught me 2013-2015 but she has remained an amazing professional resource ever since. Her teaching has a positive ripple effect on future helping professionals.

    Kayla L, LCSW, CCM, CTMH

    I found Stacey to be prepared, engaging, and able to incorporate research-based information about EFT as well as an experiential component. She was able to capture the interest of the participants and addressed the varied questions that arose during the training.

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    Nobody should have to change alone.

    Let’s work together so you can conquer your inner critic, negative thoughts, and painful feelings and achieve a more peaceful life.

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