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    Supervision & Consultation

    Want to learn more about Energy Psychology (see the energy psychology page) or Mindfulness Meditation?

    Clients are usually in therapy with someone else while attending 6 or more sessions for consultation around their specific needs that the current therapist may not be trained in.

    These sessions usually resolve the situation at hand. For example, I have worked with people around fear of dogs who now own a dog because of our treatment. Or fear of swimming who now swim all the time. I’ve also worked with situations that create extreme anger or anxiety symptoms that are now manageable. These are just some examples. Come see for yourself!

    People come for:

    • a specific phobia
    • stress management
    • anxiety management
    • mindfulness meditation
    • Emotional Freedom Technique
    • Comprehensive Energy Psychology

    Does your organization need a workshops?

    My workshops are interactive and fun.   If your agency or organization is need of stress management, mindfulness meditation or any other workshops within my expertise please reach out to me.