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  • Starting Therapy

    The first step to starting counseling is scheduling the initial appointment. Whether the focus of therapy is for an individual sessions or family session, this can be difficult and challenging but rewarding in the first step toward personal growth. Sometimes people experience strong anxiety around making the phone call or sending the email prior to starting therapy. You will be relieved after you move through this first step.

    Call me or email me, I will work with you to find a convenient time. 215-352-4400.

    The second step to attending counseling is attending the scheduled appointments. Many times fear stops people from following through and attending counseling. Don’t let this be you! You won’t regret getting started. Usually people find relief.

    The third step to starting therapy is the initial appointment. You will be asked questions about what brought you in to therapy, what you have tried to make the situation better, what works, what does not work? We will come up with a plan together.

    The fourth step to counseling is the ongoing appointments. This will consist of additional assessments of your situation and goals will be developed. You or your child will gain insight and awareness working together with me in therapy sessions to come up with strategies to the solution. Using these strategies, it will be your responsibility to implement the solutions that were agreed upon outside of the sessions, and report back how the strategies are working. Usually within a month of sessions my patients feel significantly better.

    The fifth step is over a comfortable period of time ending ongoing therapy. Once the situation is resolved and the solutions are integrated you or you child are ready to start terminating(ending) therapy, utilizing the skills that were gained in your life. The therapeutic relationship will still be in place if you need therapy in the future.