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    Corporate Lunch & Learn

    Stacey is a sought after speaker for corporations. She has presented on topics such as stress management, mindfulness meditation, self care, life work balance, parenting and resilience during a pandemic. Other topics are available upon request. Stacey’s workshops are interactive and creative. Everyone leaves with a few skills to implement right away. Contact Stacey directly if you are interested in bringing an innovative wellness workshop to your corporation.

    “I enjoyed the workshop. The tips were very helpful and I enjoyed the meditation part.”
    Sara S.
    Parenting and Resilience during a Pandemic Workshop

    “Parenting and Resilience during a Pandemic Workshop: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with our group today. I think the tools you’ve both shared will be very helpful for all of our employees, especially the parents. I know I will certainly remind myself to take more time for self-care and mindfulness.”
    Jessica D.
    Parenting and Resilience during a Pandemic Workshop

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