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    Adult Therapy

    You are tired of caring for everyone else and not yourself? Don’t know how to say no?

    Or your so overwhelmed and your not sure how to manage your anxiety? Your in the right place! I have tons of experience getting people just like you from overwhelm to calm. Give yourself the gift of professional help. It can be anxiety provoking to make the call. Maybe you don’t know what to say or where to start. That is my job to help you clarify what you want to accomplish and how. I’m really friendly and open so you can know you’ll have a good experience. Email me if that is an easier way to start this process. You won’t regret it.
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    Are you someone who others call sensitive or shy when you were a child?

    I specialize in working with highly sensitive people. If you are someone that others have called sensitive or shy you may be highly sensitive. This just means your nervous system is wired differently and your probably also very intuitive, caring, empathetic and conscientious. But sometimes because your system is working so hard stress can build up and create symptoms of anxiety or depression. Many times essential tools like EFT Emotional Freedom Technique or Self-Care tools can make all the difference and lessen symptoms.

    Finding yourself flying off the handle more quickly at your spouse or children? Work/Life Balance getting to you?

    With the right support and techniques you can find your inner peace again. Without the anger and anxiety life can be so much easier. Your family members will be happier if you are happier.

    • Executives with high stress jobs
    • Medical Providers in high stress jobs- Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Doctors
      and other Counselors
    • First Responders in high stress jobs
    • Work/Life Balance
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Communication Skills
    • Adults dealing with childhood issues
    • Adoption Issues
    • Stress Management
    • Transitions- new jobs, new living area
    • Relationships
    • Understanding your Energy Blocks which have an impact on your emotions
    • Self Care