Offering teens, young adults and adults counseling in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Request an appointment now!

Offering teens, young adults and adults counseling in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Request an appointment now!

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    Online Counseling Services

    “the ubiquity of smartphones coupled with lessening of the stigma associated with mental health treatment have played a large role in the growing demand for virtual therapy”. FORBES

    I can work with you online if you are in Pennsylvania because I am Licensed in Pennsylvania as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Most insurance plans will reimburse for out of network providers online.  You are responsible for checking with your insurance to find out the details of your plan. There are specific regulations for online counseling services.  If you are curious how family sessions and children sessions work online check out the blog I wrote, A View Into Online Counseling with Children and Families, What is Needed from Parents and Therapists. 

    IF you are around the world and interested in Coaching visit my website at I can see you virtually around the world depending on the legality of where you are physically located. Leave the legal part to me once you tell me where you are and what you are interested. Depending on the severity of symptoms Coaching may be a viable option if not I will try to refer you to a therapist in the state you are in.

    What is online therapy?

    Many different terms are used for online therapy, including telepsychology, telebehavioral health, telemedicine, distance counseling, and many other similar terms.

    Online therapy is more than just a therapist offering services by video. There are clinical, ethical, legal and technological factors that should be considered.

    Online therapy, simply put, is therapy across distance through electronic means. It is an approach that takes the best practices of traditional therapy and combines it with some of its own unique advantages, keeping in mind and holding the highest standards in the field.

    Telemedicine for mental health can be a big benefit as it can enhance the care I can provide for you by offering a versatile, flexible option for scheduling and attending sessions with you, over an easy to use secure video, connecting with you on your own schedule and from your choice of location.

    I can also provide you with straight phone sessions without video. Which ever you prefer and depending on the issues at hand.

    Online therapy makes therapy accessible. Even children and teens can participate in online therapy. Sometimes we shorten their session to 30 min. We can also have more parent and family sessions online. No matter where you are located you can access therapy online by clicking a few buttons on your smart phone, ipad or computer. Just download an app after I invite you via email and we can video chat in real time.

    Online therapy is just as effective as in person therapy and safer these days. The alternative is for us to use masks in the office. This blocks half of our faces, so I don’t know about you but I’d rather connect on the internet or phone.

    You will get the same experience as in person. Various studies have proven that online therapy is just as effective as in the office. All of my knowledge is the same. In these times we need to be flexible in our approach. I use a hipaa compliant platform to ensure confidentiality.

    In many places there is a shortage of mental health professionals, or at least the type of therapist you would like, and this means that it can be difficult to find the best therapist for you. We now know that certain clients seek online therapy for practical/logistical and personal preferences, as well as clinical reasons. With a licensed clinician knowledgeable also in the area of area of telemental health, online therapy is convenient, secure and effective.

    I am trained in telebehavioral health, and use cutting edge technology for quality and security, for video conferencing tools (all HIPAA secure), in order to provide you with the convenience of remote sessions that do not require a visit to my office, without having to sacrifice quality, security, or confidentiality. If you are local I do prefer one in person session and then the rest of the time can be online. If you are not local obvious this isn’t an option. We can mix up sessions some online and some in the office depending on your schedule.

    What do I need in order to do therapy via the internet?

    All you need is a phone, ipad or computer, internet, and a safe and confidential setting.

    What to look for when choosing an online therapist

    Many are now offering online therapy, but not all therapists are aware of the legal, ethical, technological and clinical considerations.

    Here is what to look for

    • Is the therapist licensed?
    • Do they have any training in online therapy?
    • Do they use HIPAA secure technology? (Skype and Facetime are not HIPAA secure)

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