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Offering child and family counseling to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Request an appointment now!

  • Wish You Slept Through The Night – Try These Tricks for Sleep

    Sleep…Something we do every single night. Throughout the day our body naturally produces melatonin. As the day goes on this hormone level rises and when night falls, we naturally have the urge to relax and get into bed. Our own body tells us when we are tired, all we have to do is listen to it. It is because our body does that naturally everyday that sometimes we do not realize just how important it is that our body, mind, and soul take a break and recharge for the next day. Sleep is an essential thing for all living things, just that fact alone should show us just how important it is for us to get our rest. Many people, myself included, have trouble falling asleep. This problem is more common than one would think.

    Tips and Tricks for Sleep

    Over the years I have found some tips and tricks that have made falling asleep not as much of a struggle anymore. For example, before going to bed, make sure that you have no tight-fitting clothing on, as it could make me uncomfortable throughout the night. Also make sure that you do not have a heavy amount of a drink, like water, right before you go to bed. This will make you get up to use that bathroom and it can disrupt the state of relaxation that you are in at that moment. When you get up to go to the bathroom it seems to wake me up again, especially when the bright lights of the bathroom hits you.

    Another helpful tip I found to help patients relax is drinking a warm cup of lavender tea earlier in the day. Of course, not at night because a cup with too much liquid will make you want to use the bathroom. But overall, it can be an aid when it comes to relaxing. It can help bring on sleep. Pairing that with a book or an activity that does not involve technology, like coloring, or a word puzzle, helps our eyes and mind focus on something else and helps us take a break from always looking at screens. When we get ready for bed, we should try to not look at technology at least one hour before going to bed. The blue light emitted by our cell phone screens and other electronics restrains the production of melatonin, messing up our circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm seems to be especially sensitive to blue light since it has a short wavelength. Making it even harder for us to fall asleep and wake up the next day.

    Stress During the Day Can Affect Sleep

    When we sleep, we also want to hope that we are getting the adequate number of hours of sleep at night. About 7-10 hours of sleep are good for adults. Getting a good amount of hours of sleep can be beneficial for adults and kids overall, it can lead to good health and development for kids and decrease the risk of health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, and depression. Children have different sleep needs. Of course, every person is different and each one of us has a target of hours of sleep that we need to replenish for the following day, that’s where sleep plays a vital role for all of us. If you still struggle with sleeping try therapy for learning to manage your stress during the day which can affect our sleep at night.

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