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  • Making Space in Your Day for Special Time In

    It seems with everything going on in our lives today it is harder than ever to create space in our schedule for intentional time with our kids. However, it is necessary for building an ongoing bond with our littles. One of the toughest challenges a parent can face is being consistent with setting aside time (without distractions) just to bond and play with your children. In the age of Covid with more parents working at home now the lines between work and home seem to blur even more.

    So, how does a busy parent with the weight of the world on their shoulders go about setting aside time each day to bond with their child? Well, it all starts with priorities.

    1. Take a look at your current routine

    Start by writing out the things you need to do on a typical day during the time your child is home with you. Things like laundry, responding to emails, and cooking dinner may be on your list. Now break these things up into two categories; things you do when your child is awake and things you do after they go to bed. Utilizing your child’s sleep time to get some of your chores done will free up time to spend with them.

    2. Set aside a certain time and stick to it

    Once you have identified when you can spend time with your child and how long that time will be make sure to stick to it. For instance, if you have decided to set aside 30 minutes after dinner make sure that every night after dinner you put your phone away and spend that 30 minutes. Set a timer so that you are not constantly looking at the time. You can always spend more time, but the goal is to not spend less than the time you have allotted.

    3. Think about what your child/ children enjoy

    Think about what your child enjoys doing during their free time and engage with them during that activity. For younger children this usually means getting on the floor and playing with toys alongside them. For older children and teenagers this may mean playing a video game with them. Just make sure you are doing something they enjoy doing. This is not a time to discuss their bad grades or chores they have not taken care of. This is time for you and your child to enjoy each other’s company.

    The time we have with our children in our homes is so little we must make the most of it. Implementing the above tips will help you set aside time and implement Special Time In into your daily routine.  This bonding time will help build your relationship. Children listen to us more when they feel connected and cared about. By doing things they enjoy, the message of caring is coming across to them. Watch their behaviors change for the better.

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